Shipping Container Modifications | Modular Buildings | Industrial Surface Coatings

Industrial Buildings

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs when it comes to a warehouse or industrial office space. Our services include, industrial buildings, warehouses, clean room enclosures, modified mobile storage containers and industrial coatings.

Our employees are OSHA certified and pass federal background checks TWIC.

Industrial Services

We specialize in repairs and modifications of shipping containers. Modifications include container offices, labs, restrooms, guard shacks and much more.

In addition we offer industrial office space enclosures, high gloss epoxy flooring, mezzanines, clean-room spaces.

We also specialize in thermal barrier spray on coating to reduce heat transfer on roof systems, pipes, containers, tanks and any other area where you need to control service temperature.

Welding and Fabrication

In the past several years, intermodal shipping containers have been converted for a multitude of different purposes for both residential and commercial uses. Due to the sturdy and rugged design of shipping containers, companies have found alternative uses such as mobile office units, storage, portable restrooms, portable labs, underground bunkers, container homes and much more.


What We Do

Crewman Company LLC specializes in modular building construction and custom shipping container modifications.

We build modular cleanrooms, extraction labs, mobile break rooms, mobile restroom, mobile labs, grow containers and outdoor shops.

Our mission is to create value for our shareholders, customers and employees through delivering quality craftsmanship while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics.

Value for shareholders means delivering a return on investment through stock appreciation and dividends.
Value for customers means delivering superior craftsmanship, customer service and competitive services.
Value for employees means ensuring that Crewman Company LLC remains a safe place to work, providing competitive compensation and benefits, and opportunities for career advancement and growth.

We believe integrity is the foundation of a good name and an essential ingredient for true success in life and in business. We seek to operate according to the highest standards of integrity.